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Next Level Guidance

Personalised Plans

Follow a plan to suit your goal with the option to modify your workouts using alternative exercise options

Track Your Workouts

Enter your reps and weight used for every set to track your progression

Time Your Rest

Use our handy rest timer to ensure you are training effectively

Master Your Form

Professional videos of every exercise demonstrated by Kim to show correct form and technique

Tailored Nutrition


Macro Calculator

Your daily calorie and macro allowance calculated for you based on your profile and goal

Customise Your Meal Plan

Use our auto generated meal planner or create your own weekly meal plans including the ‘add your own meal’ feature

Hundreds Of Recipes

Browse our library of delicious recipes to accommodate all dietary requirements. There’s something for everyone!

Shopping List

Make life easy with a weekly shopping list of ingredients generated for you

Track Your Progress

Progress Record

Take regular pictures and measurements to keep track of your progress

Compare Your Pictures

Create your own comparison pictures and save them to your phone


Write a diary of your experiences within your fitness journey

Alternative Exercises

Exercise Flexibility

Swap to an alternative exercise to either change the intensity, use different equipment or to accommodate an injury

Warm Ups & Cool Downs

Specific warm ups and cool downs created for each workout which you can swap and customise to your preference


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